Since 1967 Astral Building Company has specialized in new construction projects, additions and alterations to existing manufacturing facilities, warehouses and office space. From concept to project completion, we work closely with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with the least amount of disruption to production. At Astral Building, we realize the importance of time and cost. Astral will complete projects on schedule and within budget.
New Building Construction
Our goal is to have you as a customer for many years to come: whether it is a 100,000 sq. ft. building or a 100 sq. ft. addition, we treat each with equal importance. Every job is an important job and must be completed to each customer's satisfaction.
Office Space Renovation
As part of our service, Astral will assess the feasibility of a proposal, ensure a project meets local building codes and provide our customers with a FREE estimate of the complete cost of a project. We will provide engineered drawings and building permits or we will present you with a complete bid using your drawings and specifications.
Warehouse Expansion
Astral understands how challenging a project can become, and, for that reason, we will prepare Construction Time Schedules to minimize office or warehouse interruptions.

Astral offers the following construction solutions:
Design Build
Fixed Contract
Project Management
Cost Plus

Types of work include:
Complete New Facility
Addition to Existing Facility
2nd Floor over Existing Facility
Mezzanine Floors
Machine Bases
Penthouses to Accomodate Machinery
Relocate Columns for Machine Installation
New Office Space
Increase Existing Building Height
Solvent Storage and Mixing Rooms
Clean Rooms
Repair Concrete Floors
Reinforce Roof / Cut Roof for Roof Top Units
New Loading Docks and Door Installations
Replace Windows or Install New Windows in Existing Walls
New Transformer Room and Electrical Upgrades
Parking Lots and Sidewalks


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